Gas Fire Feature Kits - No Burner DIY pre-made "Grab and Go" gas fire pit, fire table, fire bowl, fire feature Kits; ready to go or customize them as needed.

While ALL our DIY Gas Burners and Components are rated and compatible with BOTH Natural Gas AND LP (Propane), our DK, CK, CK+ and ITCK+ kits are considered LP (Propane) only kits due to the Regulator or LP Gas Tank Connection they contain. And while our K++ Kit is sold for both pre-plumbed Nat Gas and LP, is the ONLY KIT we designate for sale, when speaking of Natural Gas (and can be further customized).

Again, all of our kits work with LP (Propane) but only the one Kit (K++) works with natural gas as a complete Grab-n-Go Kit from our site. 



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FRMK (Click to Go To Purchase Page)  Universal BURNER MOUNTING Kit - Sexy!  -  4" Fully Threaded Nipple and (2) 2.5" Threaded Washers to Attach any Burner to Any Surface (up to 3" thick) 

CK (Click to Go To Purchase Page)  Universal COMPLETE BASIC Propane/ LP Kit - Control it from an easily accessible and nearby tank. Best to be out and visible. More for larger fires, and without many safety features (ie convert a wood fire pit to gas for larger fires, fire in the woods for keeping warm). *** NOTE If someone spins the adjustable red knob, fire can go from small to 3-6 ft high flames with most of our burners on this kit. 

CK+ (Click to Go To Purchase Page)  Universal COMPLETE DELUXE Propane/ LP Kit - A tank can be anywhere; visible or not, 50' away, locked up… and the ON/ OFF and Flame Intensity is controlled via a Key Valve at or very near the pit. Kit comes with standard 12' and 3' hi-pressure gas hoses which can be interchanged according to installation. Regulator would be left almost full on, tank can be throttled down at the main valve to achieve a "highest" setting for the key valve, which can only be adjusted via the key.  

ITCK+ (Click to Go To Purchase Page)  Universal TANK-IN-TABLE Complete Deluxe Propane/ LP Kit  - A new special kit where the tank is located within the fire feature, or extremely close (like in a wine barrel fire pit/ table or Fire Bowl Pedestal). The fire feature usually sits on the tank (within the feature) and ON/ OFF and Flame Intensity is controlled via a Key Valve also installed into the feature. Kit comes with high pressure LP regulator, (2) 3' hi-pressure gas hoses, key valve, key and cover plate, burner, mounting kit and all necessary fittings. Regulator would be left almost full on, tank can be throttled down at the main valve to achieve a "highest" setting for the key valve, which can only be adjusted via the key.  

K++ (Click to Go To Purchase Page)  Universal Deluxe PRE-PLUMBED GAS Kit (Nat Gas AND Propane/ LP Compatible with no orifices necessary).  Our K++ kits connect to the supply with 1/2″ female adapters, a 3′ hose to the Key Valve, a 3′ hose to the burner and mounting kit, and all the fittings in between. The Key Valve also comes with a decorative cover plate and 3″ long key.  

DK (Click to Go To Purchase Page)  Universal CAMPING PORTABLE TANK Table Top/ Portable Kit (Disposable 1 LB Propane/ LP)

+ Kit (Click to Go To Purchase Page)  Universal "PLUS" Kit.  Makes Any Basic Kit a "Deluxe Kit" with these components (Nat Gas AND Propane/ LP Compatible). Includes a Straight Key Valve, 3" Key & Cover Plate, a 3' Flexible Hose and both Key Valve Fittings. 

NATURAL GAS: Any of our burners can work with Natural Gas, but there is only one complete kit we offer specifically for natural gas, and that is our PRE-PLUMBED K++ kits (they also work for pre-plumbed propane with no alterations) but as natural gas is regulated entering the house already by the local municipalities, there is no need for a "regulator", and only a Key Valve is needed to regulate the ON/ OFF/ FLAME Intensity.  ***IT IS VERY IMPORTANT YOU READ OUR Q&A Catalog (LINK AT TOP OF PAGE) for information about this "low pressure" gas, such as possible need for over-sizing supply lines, or not choosing the largest burners and such.


PROPANE: For a Propane install, there is still the question of are you using a separate tank dedicated to the fire feature you are installing, or connecting to an existing propane system that is pre-installed or shared among other appliances (gas pool heaters, water heaters..). If you will be installing a dedicated tank for the feature you are building, and will need a propane regulator with your kit, it will be a COMPLETE kit; either a BASIC, DELUXE, or IN-TABLE (enclosed under the burner tank location -ie- wine barrel, fire box, pedestal, or enclosed fire table). If you are connecting your fire feature to an existing propane shared connection than you would need the IN-TABLE K++ kit as outlined above.