Gas Torch Kits - Saltwater Rated (w/ & w/o Windproof Bowls)

Our DIY gas stainless steel torch kits offer a super high quality alternative to the otherwise forever messy fluid filled disposable kind. Our complete kits can be run off LP (propane) tanks, pre-plumbed and 100% compatible with BOTH Nat Gas AND LP, have the ability to be temporary or portable, can be hard-piped and can withstand winds (when purchased with the bowls) of over 40 MPH. The shafts are super heavy duty SCH40 1 inch OD stainless steel nipples and offered as polished or not, and in lengths from 24" to 72" tall with a 316 stainless ball valve that can be mounted at the top of the bottom and a 12 inch long solid stainless 3/4 OD spike to keep it firmly in place (as well as easily goes into the ground or roots).