Customization Options for Your Kit


The Q&A CATALOG (above) has most of our pricing & diagrams/ information you NEED to know before you order. Once You Read this, and are ready to order, Start with the Product Finder page (above) for ALL OUR PRODUCTS w/ CLICKABLE PRODUCT LINKS Which Then Open With Info, Pictures and Pricing.

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When out of the box is not exactly what you wanted. We try to go our of our way to help you to customize your kit to your exact needs online and without having to reach out to us; however if you need to do so, we are open to that as well but it may take a bit longer. Here we offer options that you as a customer can choose on your own to make your kit and project "custom" to your needs; whether it be:

  • Need a different regulator (less output or different type)?

  • A longer or shorter hose, or a larger inside diameter (for Nat Gas)?

  • Upgrade hoses to PRO in whistle free stainless?

  • Need an insert or pan to go with your kit?

  • Need an Electronic Ignition System?

  • Pick a color for your key and cover plate (key valve)?

  • Need a longer key or extension for the key shaft? 

  • A straight fittings instead of a 90? or vice-versa

  • A different size supply fitting? 

  • Or just want to receive it sooner? 

All of these are options that can be added to your cart so that we know exactly what you need without the phone calls and emails back and forth. If we see something that doesn't look just right, we'll try to catch it and get in touch with you to work it out and make sure your order goes out right the first time and every time. 



HOSES Substitutions/ Upgrades:

NOW AVAILABLE (PRO Upgrades) : If you ordered one of our CK, CK+, ITCK+ or K++ Kits which come with Flexible Thermoplastic/ Rubber Hoses, by clicking the links below you can swap and pay just the difference to Upgrade to STAINLESS Professional Installer Choice Hoses w/ Brass Female Flared Ends.

_PRO Upgrade (CK) Swaps 12′ Thermoplastic Hose to PRO 12′ Stainless Hose w/ 3/8 Brass Female Flared Ends

_PRO Upgrade (CK+) Swaps Both 3′ & 12′ Thermoplastic Hoses to PRO Stainless Hoses w/ 3/8 Brass Female Flared Ends

_PRO Upgrade (ITCK+/K++) Swaps Both 3′ Thermoplastic Hoses to PRO Stainless Hoses w/ 3/8 Brass Female Flared Ends

NEW!! NEED TO CHANGE HOSE SIZES IN A KIT YOU ARE ORDERING?? Now You Can!  Once you put your Kit type in your cart, just click on one of these adjustments below, it will open a new tab, ADD THAT OPTION TO YOUR CART, close that tab, and It Will Adjust Your Order: ALSO NOW AVAILABLE – All new CUSTOM Stainless 3/8 ID Hoses with Brass Female Flared Ends for the Professional / Permitted Applications that can be exchanged for our normal rubber hoses.

Model #: Old to New Size Needed
HE12-2-3 12′ to 3′ Now
HE12-2-6 12′ to 6′ Now
HE12-2-20 12′ to 20′ Now
HE12-2-25 12′ to 25′ Now
HE12-2-35 12′ to 35′ Now
HE12-2-50 12′ to 50′ Now
HE3-2-6 3′ to 6′ Now
HE3-2-12 3′ to 12′ Now
HE3-2-20 3′ to 20′ Now
HE3-2-25 3′ to 25′ Now
HE3-2-35 3′ to 35′ Now
HE3-2-50 3′ to 50′ Now
HE3-2-1SS38 3′ Plastic to 1′ Pro Stainless Hose Now
HE3-2-3SS38 3′ Plastic to 3′ Pro Stainless Hose Now
HE3-2-12SS38 3′ Plastic to 12′ Pro Stainless Hose Now
HE12-2-3SS38 12′ Plastic to 3′ Pro Stainless Hose Now
HE12-2-12SS38 12′ Plastic to 12′ Pro Stainless Hose Now


KEY VALVES/ COVER COLOR/ FITTINGS Substitutions & Upgrades:


Chrome Cover Color Key and Cover Plate color choice  Deluxe
Brass Cover Color Key and Cover Plate color (default)  Deluxe
Angled Key Valve
not Straight Through; 1/4 turn  Deluxe
Straight Key Valve not Angled – (default – Common) multi-turn  Deluxe
3/4 Key Valve (3/4" in/ out) Only Compatible With 1/2" Flare Fittings
EXTEND Burner Mounting Kit    Additional 4" Threaded Nipple and Low Profile Coupling to Extend Burner Mounting Kit
8" KEY and SHAFT Extension Key Valve Mounted Thru up to 8" Materials
12" KEY and SHAFT Extension Key Valve Mounted Thru Up to 12" Materials

Click Here to See Shaft Extension Diagram


STRAIGHT Mounting Kit/ Gas Supply Fitting Preference of STRAIGHT Female x Flare Fitting Instead of Elbow x Flare    Any
ELBOW Mounting Kit/ Gas Supply Fitting  Preference of ELBOW Female x Flare Fitting Instead of Straight x Flare    Any
MALE 1/2 Supply Fitting Replaces Straight Female to MALE Supply Fitting    Any
Female Elbow to MALE Fitting Replaces Elbow Female to MALE Supply Fitting    Any


Electronic Ignition:

Commercially Approved  AWEIS - All Weather Electronic Ignition System

Not Cheap. Not something we'll continue to carry so when they are gone they are gone. SUPER HEAVY DUTY! And when you dont want to use a lighter (or can't) these are perfect. Can be timer controlled, light switch activated, and throttled via a key valve (deluxe kit). If the flames go out, the AWEIS lights it back up. 

AWEIS MODEL # Inlet / Outlet/ Output BTU's      
AWEIS-MINI (LP or NG)  3/8"  /  1/2"  /  125,000 BTUs/ Hr  Mini Capacity - works for most    
AWEIS-SC (LP or NG)  1/2"  /  1/2"  /  290,000 BTUs/ Hr  Standard Capacity    
AWEIS HC (LP or NG)  3/4"  /  3/4"  /  512,000 BTUs/ Hr  High Capacity    
VULCAN TORCH (LP or NG)  1/2" Inlet /  25,000 BTUs/ Hr  1/2" Torch Pole Top/ Feature    

NEED A Bowl or Pan/ Insert??




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