About Us

FIRSTLY, THIS IS OUR BACKUP, not as up to date site as https://easyfirepits.com/ so if you are hear as a first time user, please visit there first.  NEWER PRODUCTS WILL NOT BE LISTED ON THIS SITE FIRST. 

About Us: 

Create Your Own Backyard Gas Fire Feature; a gas fire pit, fire pot, fire bowl, fire table, fire wall or several gas tiki type torches.

EasyFirePits manufactures easy to work with burners and parts allow ANYONE to make a personal, artsy, yard or table enhancing gas fire feature; one that can be altered and customized, re-used from home to home, or brought from party to party. 

Our Complete Kits are made of straight forward parts; easy enough for most amateurs to use, and a dream for any DIY (do it yourself'er) or professional builder. 

EasyFirePits.com / DIYGasFirePits.com; One and the Same!  
DIYGasFirePits.com was set up as a backup site to EasyFirePits.com in an effort to increase up-time, efficiency and security, as well as to utilize such other tools as were not available outside of this new platform. Should you experience any problems on this site, please let us know. 

- Mgmt,