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FIRSTLY, THIS IS OUR BACKUP SITE, and not as up to date as EasyFirePits.com our main site;  https://easyfirepits.com/ so if you are hear as a first time user, please visit EasyFirePits.com first. If you are hear as a customer because of a problem with EasyFirePits.com, please let us know at info@easyfirepits.com or 813-600-5592 and we'll certainly take orders from this site as well. NEWER PRODUCTS WILL NOT BE LISTED ON THIS SHOPIFY SITE FIRST.  



Convert an existing wood fire pit to gas or create your own custom fire feature.

There is nothing like the ambiance a fire feature creates. Its decorative like art. It’s functional like furniture. It creates an atmosphere of excitement when family and friends gather around it. It adds another season to your backyard calendar with the warmth it creates. They can be portable or permanent, used for warmth or cooking. A fire feature adds value, instills happiness, and creates memories. They are soo versatile, everyone should have one! … and where we come in. – EasyFirePits™

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HOW CAN YOU START? Like this below: (and should you find this site in any way confusing, please visit our MAIN site at www.EasyFirePits.com or give us a shout at info@easyfirepits.com or a ring at 813-600-5592 M-F 10am-4pm - may answer before and after these times but are usually busy getting products already ordered packaged and shipped).


The best place to start is below by first reading our Q&A Pricing and Tips/ Tricks/ Diagram Catalog to understand the differences b/w the two gases and some of their hazards, as well as see tips, tricks and diagrams (and full pricing), then to decide what sized burners you need; bigger is not always better; with either gas. 

CLICK ON OUR CATALOG LINK (in orange above) or COPY FROM HERE: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1798/2385/files/Catalog-2020Spring.pdf?v=1590121822  

once you know what size Burner and Kit you need, it will be best to go to PRODUCT FINDER PAGES drop down menu (top of page above) and first go to BURNERS, then KITS, then PANS (if needed),etc..  and finally go to CUSTOMIZE YOUR KIT

Choose Burner: ie.. FR18
Choose Kit:  ie.. ITCK+ Kit
Choose Pan/ Insert: PAN22R

one you choose these items, its time to Customize Your Kit the Menu Link Above (CUSTOMIZATION OPTIONS). 

Choose Higher or Lower Pressure Regulator (suggest REG5F+ for fire tables)
Exchange to Longer or Shorter rubber or stainless hoses: (suggest hose from key valve to burner always stainless HE3-2-3SS38)
Choose Key Valve Cover Plate Color: CHROME or BRASS color
Choose Longer Key and Coupling (if putting valve thru pit walls thicker than 3") KEY12&Coupling
Choose Quicker Shipping: Expedited 

if you have other other questions, OR NEED TO MAKE A CHANGE TO AN ORDER, please call us from 10-4pm EST at 813-600-5592 or email to info@diygasfirepits.com