Creating your own Gas Fire Feature in your backyard is Easy with

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Not sure if you have ever had a gas company or landscape engineer come out and price a fire feature for you, but if you have not, you'd be in for a surprise at the cost.  It's not unheard of for a 3-4 ft round gas fire pit to cost $2500 or more from a professional. With us, however, between our burners and customizable kits, as well as the the local hardware stores pavers, backer board, pea gravel and lava rocks/ glass... the whole project will actually cost you less than $400, complete! Our kits are easy enough for most DIY'ers and a DREAM for any installer.  

As a DIY gas fire feature manufacturer/ supplier/ e-tailer, we understand the frustration of paying a small fortune for something that has otherwise been impossible to do yourself (due to not being able to find all the parts in one location or parts guaranteed to work together). At we offer all the best quality marine grade stainless (lifetime warranted) burners, installation kits, heavy duty stainless pans/ inserts, stainless and rubber hoses, valves, fittings and accessories (even electronic ignition). we don't offer 6 types of each, but only one, the best one, we have been able to source and price, to make sure your project is far better quality and "hotter" than what they could build, and at a fraction of the price. And we utilize 316 Stainless for our burners and mounting kits, not lessor 304 like our competitors; it has a much higher saltwater corrosion resistance; after all, why would you want to spend all the time to build an amazing outdoor fire feature only to rebuild it again in a few years due to rotting parts? 

Check out out here or via and let us know what you want to build and how we can help.  We do answer the phones, answer emails, and assist with projects to be sure you are making the right choices and choosing the best materials to safely build your personal, artsy fire feature to add that additional calendar season to your outdoor entertaining. Thank you and don't forget to share what you create with us;  

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