TORCH72B+ Single Portable GAS Backyard Torch w 72" shaft, 11 inch double bowls, spike and base; 3ft hoses and fittings

  • $215.00

Single 72″ Portable Propane Torch w/ Bowls Ready to Connect to Your Existing Gas Line!

Burner, Bowls, Mounting Kit, 3ft Hose + Fittings

TORCH72B+:  This kit comes with:

  • 4" SS316 Stainless Lifetime Guaranteed Vertical Burner Mounted;
  • into (2) Bowls (outer 11" bowl and inner diffuser bowl) via;
  • (2) Threaded 2.5" Washers
  • 1/2" Female x Female (FxF) Stainless Ball Valve
  • 72" Tall Stainless Nipple/ Rod
  • EFP Custom Modified Tee - FxFxF
  • 12″ Solid Bar Stock x Pointed Spike
  • 3/8 Male Flare x 1/2 Male NPT Fitting
  • 3 ft Hi-Pressure Gas Hose
  • 250" Roll of Monster PTFE Tape

also sold in 24" and 36" heights (stainless 1/2" nipple/ pole lengths) as well as can be combined with several other torches on one propane tank! Email us with needs/ necessary deviations and we can invoice you directly.


This video below shows the 36" Torch with Bowls. The only difference is in the size of the center shaft nipple. It will be delivered with a 72" stainless Nipple/ center rod.