REG3001 (POL / ACME) Low Pressure Regulator w/ Propane LP Fitting Input and 3/8 Male Flare Output

  • $22.50

REG3001  Non-Adjustable Low Pressure Regulator w/ choice of POL or ACME Tank Supply Fittings for LP and 3/8 Male Flare Output

POL fitting is better for higher flames and utilizes the higher pressure inner threads of an LP / Propane Tank (reverse threaded and must be pushed in and turned "lefty tighty") 

ACME fitting is the standard grill tank fitting that most people are accustomed to. this is if you are replacing a lower pressure grill regulator or anything not required to have higher flames over say 4-6".  It screws over the outer threads of a standard LP / Propane tank

if you still have questions, please ask us, we are here to help.  for a table fire feature, we'd recommend the POL option, to replace a defective grill regulator or cooking stove, etc.. we'd recommend the ACME fitting.