B4BK: 4" Vertical Burner Table Top Fire Bowl Kit (TORCH STYLE)

  • $69.00

 B4BK: 4” Table Top Fire Bowl Kit (with Bowls)!  Lifetime Warranted 4″ Tall Vertical Burner with 5 gas openings around top perimeter.  Inlet is 1/2” male thread and comes with (2) of our custom threaded washers to tightly grasp any object or surface; this kit includes an 11″ Ikea Stainless Mixing Bowl (as a fire bowl) and an Ikea 5″ Cutlery Caddy as a Diffuser.  Our most versatile burner kit but with a set of “get started” bowls!  Ideal for table top fire pots and torches. SS316 Marine Grade Stainless. Lifetime Burner Guarantee.

DIYGasFirePits.com offers a simple approach to making your own gas fire feature by:

1) Choosing the Particular Kit For Your Needs (we offer 6 to choose from; FRMK, DK, CK, CK+, ITCK+, K++)

2) Choosing a Corresponding Burner for Your Kit. All of our Burners are 316 Stainless Lifetime Warranted Burners (not lessor 304 grade others offer). We offer Round (FR), Linear (T, TB, H & B) as well as Torch / Bowl Burners (B4, TORCH).

3) Choosing How You Would Customize Your Kit with Options such as Regulator and Hose Substitutions (Higher or Lower Pressure Regulators, Shorter or Longer Hoses; stainless or rubber), Electronic Ignition, Pans/ Inserts, Custom Fittings, Key Valve color and Key Size options, and Shipping Preferences.


Burners and Rings: all of our burners and rings are made of the highest quality ss316 marine grade non-magnetic stainless steel. the same stainless you see on cruise ships, not lessor ss304 "tool or grill grade" stainless 90 percent of other companies produce. easy fire pits. Burners are made to last for not just your lifetime, but that of your kids! and we put that guarantee in writing. see our works or we replace it lifetime guarantee.

Our easy to work with burners and parts allow anyone to make a personal, artsy, yard or table enhancing fire feature; one that can be altered and customized, re-used from home to home, or brought from party to party. our complete kits are made of straight forward parts; easy enough for most amateurs to use, and yet a dream for any DIY (do it yourself) or professional fire feature builder. we look forward to your orders and know you will enjoy our products for decades to come. once you make one for yourself, remember, our kits make great gifts!