Ignition Systems

*$50-250 off your order with purchase of AWEIS / Vulcan. All of our Kits are sold as "Match Lit" and we suggest using a 6-8" windproof grill lighter for cost, safety and ease (such as Bernzomatic BZLTR200 sold by Retailers <$5), however for the more sophisticated installation, we otherwise carry Fire By Design's electronic ignition systems; their commercially rated All Weather Electronic Ignition Systems (AWEIS), and their Electronic Igntion Torch Head (Vulcan). AWEIS which comes in both Nat Gas or LP (propane) and in 3 sizes; a Mini for 125k BTU capacity (but we feel work with most LP applications), a Standard Capacity for 290k BTU applications (best for Nat Gas or larger burners), and a High Capacity for 512k BTU applications (and we feel best when trying to run super large fire burners for Natural Gas) where every ounce of gas going thru it is important. The Vulcan is a 25k BTU torch head which also comes in LP or Nat Gas. These ignition systems are commercially rated and are sold by us, however are warranted and supported by the manufacturer.  These systems come with heat shields, ignition modules, igniters and transformers and can be turned on / off by switches, timers and or home automated equipment such as pools, switches and such.

*Thru Mid Year Subject to Change. 


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